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ALFORM aluminium formwork system

The technological breakthrough of fully extruded aluminium panels coupled with 30 years of hands-on experience in Project management and detailing, enables our specifically designed ALFORM system to produce high strength-to-weight ratio formwork, easy to handle, and increases durability of the panels thus giving more reusability compared with previously welded sheet plate design. 

Equally important, the recent technological innovation of the extruded panels resulted in a more accurate, high quality finished structure, whilst retaining the flexibility of catering to the most complex architectural and structural detail.

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Dedicated design & development team

With a team of highly experienced, motivated and dedicated Designers, ALFORM continues to strive for the most efficient formwork design, not only to cater for the most intricate architectural and structural detail, but also to ensure that the design will be operationally the most efficient and cost effective.

Through the unparalleled experience of our Design & Development Team, even the most complicated projects can be designed in such a way as to make site installation a fast, routine process.



On-site support and continuous project assistance

Together with the Design & Development team, our Technical Support team establish the most efficient construction approach in each unique project using the ALFORM system, even before reaching construction site.

Our qualified team also trains the site supervisors and workers for proper usage of ALFORM system, to get the best concrete finishing at the desired work cycle. This ensure a well-coordinated total building construction with structural and M&E works collectively working together. Furthermore, an active project support for all phases of construction ensures successful completion, and hence epitomize client satisfaction.

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Green technology plus maximum construction safety

Not only aluminium is classified as green material, ALFORM entire system are designed with SAFETY FIRST in mind.

The usage of ALFORM system drastically reduce waste at the construction site by continuous reuse of the system parts for the whole project. This ensures ease of use for the workers plus environment that is free from complexity, enabling faster construction speed and total cost savings.

With aluminium at the core of ALFORM system, recyclability reduces emission of toxic gasses and greenhouse effect from producing fresh material, plus it is highly valuable recycled material.

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