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A New Partner in Construction Excellence

Established in 2013, ALFORM System has rapidly built a reputation in the construction industry, not only in Malaysia but also in South East Asia, through prioritising the timely delivery of our high quality and accurately engineered Aluminium Formwork system, at cost effective prices.

Driven on by a Management Team, with in excess of 25 years worldwide experience in all aspects of Aluminium Formwork, including design, fabrication, and implementation and whose focus is in on innovation and development, the ALFORM system has seen major developments in improving the ‘strength-to-weight’ ratio of the Aluminium Formwork, as well as manufacturing quality and on-site delivery time.

Dedicated Specialist Teams have been set up to provide clients with full range of support, from initial ALFORM system set-up, proper handling & maintenance, advice on construction cycles, stock inventory, formwork re-usage, amongst others.

By providing the most accurate and cost effective Aluminium Formwork, allied with “start to finish” technical support and advice, ALFORM are set to become the Aluminium Formwork market leader in the very near future.


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